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Stephanie Nguyen wants to be the next Assemblymember representing Sacramento and Elk Grove. 
But do voters really know what they get with Nguyen?

Here are the details:


Nguyen claims to be a “Lifelong” Democrat but was registered as a Republican for 3 years

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Nguyen Trades Endorsements with Scott Jones - Sacramento County’s Trump-loving Republican Sheriff

Nguyen was endorsed by Scott Jones in her 2018 campaign. 


Nguyen endorsed, and was endorsed by Anti-Choice Elk Grove City Councilman Pat Hume

A December 2017 article reported that Pat Hume had endorsed Nguyen for city council and featured a photo of the two in a group.
The caption for the photo read: “Elk Grove City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen is shown with some of the people who have endorsed her in her campaign to retain her District 4 seat. Shown left to right are Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Detrick, Council Member Darren Suen, Elk Grove school board trustee Bobbie Singh-Allen, Nguyen and Council Member Pat Hume.”

In the Candidate Statement Nguyen submitted as a candidate for a full term on the Elk Grove City Council in the 21018 election Nguyen said she was “deeply humbled” to have Hume’s endorsement, and she included a statement signed by Hume endorsing her.


Nguyen, in turn, endorsed Hume for re-election.

“Hume has been endorsed by three of his colleagues on the city council, Vice Mayor Darren Suen, Steve Detrick and Stephanie Nguyen. Suen is running for mayor and Nguyen is running to retain the city council seat she was appointed to in 2017.”

Nguyen donated $100 to Hume’s campaign committee in 2017:



In March 2020, Stephanie Nguyen joined a 4-1 majority on the Elk Grove City Council in opposing a moratorium on evictions due to economic hardships that would have protected renters and small businesses imposed by the COVID pandemic. She and the Council majority came under intense criticism and reversed course a week later, but not until a major loophole was added.


Stephanie Nguyen took a direct contribution from Valero:



The Big Oil Lobby campaign committee has reported throwing over one million dollars into TV ads in the Assembly District 10 race supporting Stephanie Nguyen under the deceptive committee name "Coalition to Restore California's Middle Class, Including Energy Companies who Produce Gas, Oil, Jobs and Pay Taxes.”



Nguyen’s Illegal Vote on Housing Puts Elk Grove Residents on the Hook for State Fines

The City of Elk Grove is being sued over the rejection of 67 affordable housing units known as the Oak Rose project. The lawsuit claims that the City is blatantly ignoring state laws designed to make sure cities don’t continue to block affordable housing projects. The CA Department of Housing and Community Development sent a notice of violation letter to the City stating it violated the Housing Accountability Act (HAA), it violated Discrimination in Land Use Law, and it violated State Housing Element Law. 


Elk Grove Councilmember Stephanie Nguyen then voted to approve a similar for profit market rate project while voting down the Oak Rose affordable housing project.

“HCD finds that, in denying the Project, the City violated Government Code sections 65913.4, 65589.5, 65008, and 8899.50. Additionally, HCD finds that the City has failed to implement goals, policies, and program actions included in its adopted 6th cycle housing element in violation of State Housing Element Law. (Gov. Code, § 65580 et seq.)

Read the Violation Notice Here

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